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Danny returned to Genoa City and Phyllis followed. ", (At the prison Phyllis confronts Ian Ward while Victor watches. Jack tells her that he knows all of this but Jabot means more to him than any real estate available and begins talking about the cutbacks and laying people off; however Phyllis cuts him off telling him to stop worrying because if they play it smart, get clever, creative and stick together then Jabot will be just fine. Kevin says that he's doing everything he can to find out who was driving the car that hit Billy, but Jack says that he fully expects him to do so but it seem that he owes him more than that. Met o.a. She told Daniel to get a DNA test immediately. During the Christmas holidays, Phyllis runs into Jack while she is at the club. Phyllis remained behind to talk to Daisy. But half way up she got a flat tire. Phyllis later talks to Nikki about the note and still she gets nowhere. Phyllis explained that Adam Newman had boasted to her that Sharon Newman had so much faith in him that she was determined to find Skye Lockhart Newman. Phyllis left the room only to see Kelly and Jack hugging. Phyllis gets closer to her husband and he puts his arms around her waist as she says that while she loves that idea she's not so sure she made Santa's "nice"list this year; Jack replies "Well how about I help you make his "naughty" list?" Summer fell into a coma, and Phyllis and Jack became closer. Phyllis Summers; yuletide treats to warm the soul; lord knows we need it with this writing; Fix-It; Summary. Revolve Theatre Company.jpg CC-BY-SA-4.0 34KB 960x960. Some other Acadians provided military intelligence, sanctuary, and logistical support to the resistance movement. Phyllis joins Jack at the birthday party for her niece, and while there both families put aside their differences for the sake of the children. While they were talking, Kelly started to feel faint and Ben took her to the hospital. Jack asked why he'd risk showing nick the photo of Sharon if he'd been the one to discard her bloody clothing where it could easily be found. Phyllis then says from the way he held her, and the way he looked at her right before Summer came in made all of her bad feelings just melt away; Summer asks what Jack said and her mother replies that it wasn't what he said, but it was their connection; that feeling when one knows another deep in their bones and heart. At one point she shows up and the two go for a ride on Billy's motorcycle, wind up covered in mud, and return to take a shower, wash clothes etc. While they are enjoying each other, Billy walks into the room and breaks their romantic vibe, he apologizes for what happened and the the payoff having to happen; however Jack is feeling less than forgiving as he rips into Billy for starting this whole mess with Victor, he says that Billy has no idea what he has done, and did not now nor ever think about the consequences of his actions. Papilles pp. However, Phyllis was stunned when she overheard Sharon talking at Cassie's grave that Nick is indeed the father of Summer and she had switched the results in order to try to win Nick back. Kevin realized that he wasn't ready to be a parent. After the building collapse at the Underground, and putting the drama of Kelly behind them; Phyllis and Jack set their minds on planning their wedding. To connect with Phyllis, sign up for Facebook today. Wikis. Homepage; Info; Compagnons. Phyllis thanks the agents for coming so quickly as Victor bids them to arrest him and take him away, as he's being led out Ian says that this is not over. No one knew it was Phyllis until 2012. FREE Background Report. The Bodleian Libraries at the University of Oxford is the largest university library system in the United Kingdom. Their marriage would lead to separation after Nick had sex with Sharon again and learning that Sharon was pregnant. Phyllis: You cannot bear the thought that your precious Nick sees you for the whack job you really are. Suddenly a plane flew over and dropped pesticides. However, the stress of business and being a father made Jack give him back. Victor continues to ask Phyllis questions about what happened to her the night of her accident and shows her a picture of Sharon, thinking it would get her to refresh her memory. Billy says that he will do anything it takes, Jack replies by telling Billy to pack up his office and get out of the building because they are done, he further says that Billy will always be an Abbott but will never work at Jabot again. When Paul, Dylan and the police arrive at the courtroom to ask what happened; Nick, Victoria and Summer tell them about Ian kidnapping Nikki. Full Name Phyllis has one younger sister Avery Summers. Kelly told Stitch she's going to fight for Jack! Kyle said if she did care, she never would have written the article. Animals. 599 Pages. She also did not want to be related to Daisy. Summer was devastated by this and ran off to Chicago alone after Phyllis and Kyle came back to town. The therapist told her the first step in moving on is forgiveness and she needs to forgive Kelly. Phyllis Summers Abbott (formerly Romalotti, & Newman) is a fictional character on the CBS daytime soap opera The Young and the Restless. Michelle Stafford then came back in 2000 and in 2013, Michelle Stafford stepped out of the role of Phyllis to play the role of Nina Reeves on General Hospital. Explore . In July 2016, Ian Ward escaped from prison and came back to Genoa City in order to get revenge on Nikki, Victor and Phyllis. Phyllis insisted on Kelly arranging the wedding reception after hearing about the exceptional praise she's gotten. Nick was furious with Sharon and vowed to never forgive her. Jack talks with Phyllis about her plan, and clearly he is dead set against it; however Jack realizes that Phyllis is clearly still in pain about the whole Marco situation, and will never forget what Victor did to her or their marriage. In 1988 a play adapted from Phyllis Grosskurth’s biography of Melanie Klein opened on the London stage. Phyllis comments that Billy didn't run himself over with the car, and Victoria says that neither she nor Jack was behind the wheel of the car that hit him; however her heart is breaking because he was drinking and gambling, because she wants him with her and their children showing how much he loves her. Kelly explained she already said that in the hospital before she left. Occupation Leading Men . Phyllis comes out of the bathroom in a fluffy robe, and when Marco takes her into his arms Phyllis can immediately sense that something is amiss and tries to get away from him; however Marco grabs Phyllis, throws her on the bed and has his way with her. Phyllis hears this and goes to change into a sexy slip and regains his attention following the phone call after she hears him tell Victoria that his kids are always his number 1 priority. Phyllis and Michael even dated at one point. Kevin said Phyllis had misunderstood him. Finally there's a knock at the cabin door, and three big tough mob looking guys enter and take Marco away back to the deep dark hole of a Peruvian prison where he belongs. One day at Jabot, Jack is working in his office when Ashley comes in and tells Jack about her concerns regarding Billy and Phyllis. When Michael leaves, Phyllis then cracks as she tries to make Jack realize that if he exposes Victor then she will be exposed as well; however Jack feels that her story will bring sympathy and compassion, but Phyllis fears being publicly humiliated as well as her children and the people she works with finding out what happened to her. While Stafford was off the show between 1997 and 2000, Sandra Nelson played the role for about a year. A woman named Sara Smythe abducted Lauren. Recently Jack acquired Lauren's company Fenmores for Jabot; which came with working with his ex wife again. But she is trying to find it". Nick eventually found her and revealed the truth about her paternity while at the same time, Phyllis confessed to Jack about Summer being his daughter. Nick pulled over when he spotted them and Phyllis kissed Deacon to make Nick jealous. Billy has his own agenda to want to crush Victor, and when Phyllis offers to help him; Billy tells her to stay out of it; however Phyllis tells Billy that she has her own scars on her life left by Victor and that she wants revenge. Phyllis is completely stunned, as Jack continues telling her about the horrors Kelly put him through: including drugging him, tying him to the bed etc. Phyllis' hand moved, but she didn't wake up. Victor accuses her of knowing about Ian and saying nothing. She made a deal with Patty (who was disguised as Emily Peterson): Patty would kill Michael and Sara would kill Phyllis. Summer fired back by saying Austin's not the only one in this room who almost killed Paul Williams. As Phyllis walked down the aisle, Summer was in tears and hugged her mother. She was stranded on the side of the road with no cell phone reception when Deacon Sharpe (who had framed Daniel for murder and blackmailed Daniel's wife, Amber Moore) came to help. Phyllis. Jack smiles as he tells Phyllis that she makes it sound almost fun; Phyllis replies that she puts the fun in fun and for Jack to stick with her, since they have proven that they can face anything and this is part of anything and that they can do it together. A few seconds later Marisa comes into the garage as she was running after Noah, she then sees Billy lying on the ground and knows that Noah ran over him; she then hurries to his side and calls 911. Phyllis was spiteful towards him for holding her sister at gunpoint and shooting Paul Williams at the wedding! Kelly looks on though from the stairs. Other. The doctor apologizes for not being able to give them better news, and says that cardiac arrest is a serious setback; Phyllis asks what is to be done and the doctor says that Billy is in recovery and machines are keeping him alive and all they can do is wait and hope for improvement. Phyllis eventually gets the feeling that Billy wants to be more than her friend, and her suspicions are confirmed on the night of the benefit fundraiser for the Abbott-Winters Foundation that Jack and Neil started together; after Phyllis help Billy out by fixing his pants the two wind up trapped at Billy's house by a severe thunderstorm which has made a tree fall down blocking their cars in the driveway. Phyllis admitted using Adam to glean information for her story. Jack is doing quite a bit of complaining and wallowing in his worry that he has nobody to help him rebuild Jabot; however Phyllis tells Kyle to leave since Summer's birthday is coming up, she then threatens to leave Jack to brood on his own after he yells at her about how he's going to rebuild Jabot. Kelly asked if Jack told her but Phyllis stated she figured it out through the texts on his phone. Phyllis asks Summer how school is going since she has one semester under her belt, and what are her thoughts; Summer admits that while she hasn't chosen a major she still has time left to decide. Things got worse for Sharon when Nick told her he was suing her for full custody of Faith, so Sharon hired David Sherman to represent her. This is a list of cover versions by music artists who have recorded one or more songs written and originally recorded by English rock band The Beatles.Many albums have been created in dedication to the group, including film soundtracks, such as I Am Sam (2001) and Across the Universe (2007) and commemorative albums such as Sgt. However Jack won't give him the money without more information about what Billy is getting involved in, but Billy says that he can't give too much information and Jack flat out refuses to give him the money causing Billy to storm off. Daniel et Phyllis s’éloignent du groupe pour parler de Daisy. Phyllis and Danny finally were happy together with" their" son, when Sasha Green showed up. Jack further says that he grew out of that foolishness and that Billy needs to do the same thing. Lauren reluctantly agreed to Phyllis' request. We're gonna have to do this the easy way, then. The man that begins flirting with her and puts his hand on her legs. When Victor finds out that Phyllis has found Ian, she tells him that she plans on meeting him to get the necessary information to stop Paragon and the threat to Newman and Jabot; Victor however doesn't believe her and says that only way he will believe what she says is to go with her to meet Ian. Phyllis and Summer eventually reconciled after a heart-to-heart conversation with her cyber-bullying another student. Dylan then asks if they know of any place Ian might take her, and when the Abbott cabin is mentioned; Summer quickly says that this is where her mother is, and since she is the one who put Ian behind bars...he would definitely harm her if he gets to her. Ian finally relents and tells Victor that he will take them to the room where Paragon has been run from; Victor is relieved to hear this and finally lets Phyllis go as she falls on the bed gasping for air. Making herself the bad guy, and she further says that Billy is in that hospital bed because of the decisions he has made. Back at the hospital, Jack and Phyllis arrive to a pleasant surprise: Abby and Stitch fresh from their honeymoon. After Victor fires Natalie from Newman, soon the issue of the Marco situation comes up, when Phyllis admits to her daughter that she and Billy are working together to take Natalie and her idea from Newman and bring it back to Jabot.

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