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ad astra final monologue

TSL Screenplay Library Sign up for TSL Basic Membership (free!) I was sixteen when he left, twenty-nine when he disappeared. This was not Ad Astra. The frequent psych-evaluations he's subjected to as an interstellar worker might recall the baseline tests from Blade Runner 2049 , and similarly work to test McBride's state of mind. Opens Thursday ... a mission to Mars and then a final step out into the unknown. [as they are being ambushed by space bandits] You know, but when I look at that anger, and if I push it aside, and just put it away, all I see is hurt. Go! Do ends justify the means? To avoid a general panic, you'll fly commercially to the Moon first. [after Roy has had to reluctantly let go of Clifford into the abyss of space] if possible. So I guess we seal him inside the airlock and then leave him there? I don’t know how to get around that. Plus I uploaded Tommy Lee's data to the Oort Cloud, so his work won't be in vain... now to get home! At the end of which, only a withered senile old coot floated in the way of saving all life on Earth. What is the quote in the fi scene about purpose? And we believe a personal plea, from you to your father, might elicit a response. The rumor is that your pulse rate has never gone above eighty, in any of the spacewalks, skywalks, and even on this most recent fall. I'm an astronaut and I suck. Roy McBride: Well, that’s it. You can’t let me fail, Roy. Everyone else died except me and Sutherland. I’m switching off all comms. But now, the final stage of my crushingly inevitable path is at hand... To pass the time on the long journey to NEPTUNE, BRAD does some MORE MONOLOGUING AND THERE'S MORE SLO-MO VIDEO OF TOMMY LEE JONES AND LIV TYLER AND AAAAGHH JUST GET TO FUCKING NEPTUNE ALREADDYYYY. I’m going to Mars? All life could be destroyed. A hundred and twenty-five dollars. I feel like I’m looking for you all the time, trying to connect to you, be close to you, and it f**king sucks. Do you think you’re ready to go? Something about the Sun? Roy McBride: Message. I will rely on those closest to me, and I will share their burdens, as they share mine. Anyway, BRAD photogenically parks the "SYPHILIS" and takes a SMALLER MODULE to approach TOMMY LEE'S SHIP. Now, we’ve sent out numerous drones, but obviously, it’s a vast area to cover. I was born here. But they DO NOT! I’m going to stop it. Roy McBride: [voice over] All the hopes we ever had for space travel, covered up by drink stands and t-shirt vendors. You guys investigate if you want, I'm gonna stare at videos of Tommy Lee and Liv some more. Tearfully, BRAD releases TOMMY to drift into the void, then uses his thrusters to fly back to TOMMY LEE'S SHIP. Do you happen to have a part of Brad Pitt’s monologue early in the film? But I wasn’t. With only my thoughts and the looming spectre of my father. Roy McBride: [voice over] I am on my way to Neptune. Always on the exit. Awright, let's see anyone with heartstrings resist THAT tugfest! Ultimate catastrophe is very possible. I’m just a selfish person. Are we going to die? I will need to take a transport capsule to maneuver around Neptune’s rings. You drove your poor mother nuts. I’m going dark until final approach to avoid detection. They’re oblivious to my purpose. The rays grow stronger as they radiate towards us here, on Earth. [last lines; Roy is doing his psyche evaluation after his return to Earth] Roy McBride: Yes, sir. I’m taking you back. That seemingly significant character detail, however, was not brought up in any of the film's promotion this year. We suggest you get that checked out immediately. You and I have to continue on, Roy, together. H. Clifford McBride: Roy? I wonder what huge dramatic reveal lies in wait for me... Y'know I was just thinking, I probably shouldn't have killed all those people in my quest to find extra-terrestrial life. Roy McBride: Yes, that’s him. Roy McBride: [voice over] So many times in my life, I’ve screwed up. Roy McBride: Yes, ma’am. You should know I’ve chosen a career that you would approve of. At the next session, BRAD decides to go off-script and speak like a HUMAN BEING and OH HEY IT WERKS!! Roy McBride: Colonel, for what it’s worth, I think my father’s dead. Roy McBride: I don’t know what happens now. Roy McBride: I’m so selfish. The uncontrolled release of anti-matter could ultimately threaten the stability of our entire solar system. Look at these assholes. Roy McBride: I know, dad. That's almost as bad as letting me within 500 miles of the person my Dad killed the parents of. Directed by James Gray. Namely, we’re about to answer the number one question, when do we find all the intelligent life out there? Price: ... Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send you a coupon for $50 off Final Draft 11 and TWO of our e-books, completely free: 220 Plot Point Breakdowns (new!) I will love. The flight recorder will tell the story. She was quite ill at the time. The Cepheus leaves in five hours. Submit. BRAD is brought in for BRIEFING by a SPACE FORCE GENERAL who shows him a promo shot of TOMMY LEE JONES in SPACE COWBOYS (2000). He was a brilliant man. You instilled in me a strong work ethic. Login. And I can’t just wait for you. [as Roy is preparing to set off to the Moon, he records a message for his wife, Eve] No other consciousness. But otherwise RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU DAD. Thomas Pruitt: I’m here to go on this trip with you. Also our intimacy lacked COMPLEX ORBITAL MECHANICS okay maybe that one's a stretch. But I guess the fates have deprived me of the partner I should have had. - Roy McBride (Ad Astra) Click To Tweet . Submit. i wish i could have found resolution and closure in that final monologue, but mostly i just felt a vague unease. Gen. Stroud: Roy, we need to find out just what we’re up against here. Most of us spend our entire lives in hiding. Brig. I understand that rage. Eve: You seem really preoccupied with your work. Solitario, felicemente sposato con Eve (Liv Tyler) e con una leggera forma di autismo, Roy ha perso suo padre circa 20 anni prima durante una spedizione su Nettuno dalla quale non è più tornato. Roy McBride: [voice over] I’ve been trained to compartmentalize. [recording a message for Eve] This message is coded to only play once, requires a password to activate, and is only licensed for three devices. They disembark and we get to see MARS STATION, full of COOL TECHNOLOGY, STUNNING VISTAS, a NATASHA LYONNE ROOM, and FUNKY STYLISH RED INTERIORS hey wait, did you say NATASHA LYONNE?! We, of course, are still stuck with BRAD as he arrives at the MOONBASE. I’m communicating through a secure laser transmission, sent from the communications hub on Ersa Base, North America sector, Mars. And I don’t know how to get past that. No data was ever recovered. That does it Brad, we're having... a knife fight?! Roy McBride: I know. to gain access to hundreds of Hollywood's top screenplays. We are world leaders. We have to keep it that way. I slept well. Roy McBride: [voice over] I always wanted to become an astronaut, for the future of mankind and all. Listen Donald, the REAL mission is to take out Tommy Lee once we know where he is. Now, I need to know. My heart rate can't even reach 80 bpm because I'm so flat and dead inside, so buckle up for two hours of space moping. What was the quote when he was in mars and fell into the water? There was one quote about how the pain he felt after his father leaving created an emotional wall and that as he got closer to his father he could feel that wall breaking down. BRAD shoots a bunch of PIRATES but they ram his ROVER and force it off a CLIFF, HOLY SHIT! My communications skills often had a THREE HOUR DELAY and came by RADIO. And that’s that. You’re talking about Earth? Just as the ship reaches Mars and begins its descent, there's another SURGE! Right. It was beautiful. Sci-fi thriller directed and co-written by James Gray. 2. At least, that’s what I always told myself. I am destroying the structure to prevent any further surges from reaching Earth, using the nuclear munitions onboard. It’s a performance, with my eye on the exit. Is that correct? Thomas Pruitt: I’m fine. Thriller, USA, Brasile, 2019. [after Roy has watched Clifford’s message about what he did to the Lima crew, and is visibly distressed] They caused a meltdown out there, Roy. No it's not like that, everyone can still communicate with everyone else except for communicating with Tommy Lee Jones because his ship runs on narrative requirements. And they're leaving soon! Automated Voice: Your answer is being processed. [after Roy arrives at the station on the Moon from his commercial flight] I need to get back now, do what I can. So Space Force has known all along that a deranged madman was fucking with antimatter that could eradicate humanity, and they did nothing for 16 years? But in the end he finds himself turning lonely, confused and anxious as his years of incessant hard work and sacrifice has proven futile. Good thing I kept my spacesuit on! Automated Voice: This is an urgent update for Colonel Pruitt, Thomas F, regarding the status of the Lima Project. They would like all information about attempts that you are making to ameliorate the situation. explaining that the Moon is divided into national zones. He could only see what was not there, and missed what was right in front of him. I'll get the message to him, be it one attempt or sev-er-al. LOREN tries SHOOTING BRAD, but from far enough away that he can MISS and shoot the CANISTER OF POISONOUS SUBSTANCE instead, thus KILLING himself. [after Roy is arrives at the SpaceCom station on Mars, he is requested to record a message for Clifford] I believe this is the full quote you are looking for: It’s for a search and destroy mission. BRAD goes through it and down a DARK TUNNEL, then SWIMS through a DEEP DARK POOL of MORE FLASHBACKS AND VOICEOVERS YAY, finally emerging at the base of the ROCKET! A monologue inspired from the motion picture Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt. I’m coming at you from the Lima Project. H. Clifford McBride: This is Clifford McBride, reporting from the Lima Project. Roy McBride: And if you were to find him, then what? I think it keeps me walled off, walled off from relationships and opening myself up, and, you know, really caring for someone. Does that mean you're going to stow away on the ship heading for Neptune, make sure they nuke Tommy good, and finally have your revenge? SpaceCom wants you to know that they are aware of the disturbances, and that it cannot be your responsibility. Roy McBride: Ma’am, I’d really appreciate my privacy right now. Or was he always broken? Automated Voice: Trajectory, Earth. About: The zig-zagging flight that was Ad Astra’s path to the box office finally landed this weekend, netting the film a respectable 20 million bucks. Roy McBride: I’m ready. I remember a quote about loneliness when Roy is on way to Neptune. AWAY!!! Broadcasting... now! Antenna parts begin ACTING OUT and EXPLODING, throwing BRAD off the tower and sending him PLUMMETING downward! Accordingly, BRAD blows them up depressurization-style before they can join the MOON PIRATES to create SPACE BABOON MOON PIRATES which would almost certainly tear a catastrophic rupture in the CINEMATIC-AWESOMENESS CONTINUUM. Comfortably within the top 200,000 sites on the Internet. Some countries have been giving them safe haven. To find what science claims does not exist. Please add ’em. I think it keeps me walled off, walled off from relationships and opening myself up, and, you know, really caring for someone, and I don’t know how to get past that. I suspect the people who didn’t like Ad Astra did not like how they felt when they watched this film. Just a recreation of what we’re running from on Earth. I never cared about you, or your mother, or any of your small ideas. They’re completely unaware of our mission. Why keep trying? Thomas Pruitt: Is this very difficult for you, son? Roy McBride: What happened? I will live and love.' Now that we finally have a signal to trace and throw nukes at, your services are no longer required Brad. AD ASTRA. Roy McBride: No. [Helen shows Roy classified footage regarding Clifford and the Lima crew] Hello Brad! They meet their ESCORT TEAM led by military guy SEAN BLAKEMORE. So I hope we can reconnect. There’s a quote when Roy just landed on Moon and he said something about human’s problem and that they never actually solved them, they just bring them to the Moon. Something I always believed I preferred. I will live. This seems unnecessary. I'm very skilled at keeping my conflicting duties separate. I will live and love. Best not to subject others to it. Roy, is that you? Hi, Eve, it’s Roy. And I don’t want to be that guy. What do I expect? I will live and love.' Its position has shifted somewhat from the programmed coordinates. Let us know what you think in the comments below as we’d love to know. It'll take a huge emotional beat to power you back to your ship, this has to happen. [Roy sits] Roy saying how we went to space to explore and ended up making it just like home. Roy McBride: [voice over] I’m being pulled, farther and farther from the sun, to you. Once again it is time for you to know THE TRUTH. But naturally, we SKIP RIGHT THE FUCK OVER any repercussions or denouement of all the DEAD ASTRONAUTS or HAVING SAVED ALL HUMANITY so we can get right to the crucial shit of BRAD MEETING LIV FOR COFFEE, because what the Universe TRULY revolves around is WHETHER BRAD IS FEELING GOOD ABOUT HIMSELF. Roy McBride: [voice over] He’s supposed to be my security blanket. In the end, the son suffers the sins of the father. The story centers on astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt), who travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his father, who went missing twenty years ago after he went on a mission to Neptune in order to find signs of extraterrestrial intelligence. We TILT DOWN to REVEAL: THE EARTH, AS VIEWED FROM ABOVE. I understand that rage. I'm finally here. Shouldn’t be a problem. Automated Voice: McBride, Roy R. Are you ready for your psychological evaluation? James Gray (2019) “To see the earth as it truly is, small and blue and beautiful in that eternal silence where it floats, is to see ourselves as riders on the earth together, brothers on that bright loveliness in the eternal cold - … Captain Lu: We remind you, the moon is borderless. He murdered his crew including... my parents, dun dun dunnn! But because of my actions, I regret to inform you, all crew members are now deceased. Roy McBride: Well, my mother was certainly distressed by it. Hello….What was the last line spoken in the movie?…, Wondering the same thing. The MOON PIRATES race off and have awesome fun MOON PIRATE adventures which are RAD AS FUCK. Well you DO outrank me so you COULD commandeer the ship, I suppose, if you really WANTED to, but then you'd have to tell all of us what our REAL mission is. Roy McBride: [voice over] What have I done? Just a recreation of what we are running from on earth. Roy McBride: Dad, you haven’t. My father, the most decorated astronaut in the history of the program. “I’m being pulled farther and farther away from the sun, to you. But I remember it so well. The ship disappeared approximately sixteen years into the mission. I mean, even when you’re here, I don’t know where you are. Gen. Stroud: Roy, we have something that might come as quite a shock to you. I’ve dedicated my life to the exploration of space. I must accept the fact I never really knew you. Roy McBride: Colonel, what is it? Our underground Mars base was the only one unaffected by The Surge. I won best male lead in LA's 1 minute monologue contest with this performance. Roy McBride: Is this part of my psych eval? Ad Astra: recensione del film di fantascienza con Brad Pitt diretto da James Gray in concorso al Festival di Venezia 2019 Thomas Pruitt: Yeah, um, I was a lunar astronaut for SpaceCom for thirty-one years. Despite the threat of MOON PIRATES, our team heads out in three rovers... but are attacked by MOON PIRATES!! I’m unsure of the future, but I’m not concerned. I could easily use my suit thrusters to cross the remaining fifteen feet and leave this module suspended nearby, but then again FUCK YOU SMALLER MODULE, FUCK YOU SO GODDAMN HARD, SEE HOW DEEP SPACE LIKES YOUR BULLSHIT RETURNING-TO-SAFETY CAPABILITIES YOU STUPID FUCKING SMALLER MODULE. Anyway we gotta move quick. Helen Lantos: I know. [he gives Roy a flash drive] Now I just gotta figure how to get through the sealed exterior doors before the engine blast fries me to crispy atoms. Gen. Vogel: The text of your message would be prepared in advance, of course. And that’s what almost killed you. DOES ANYONE HAVE A CONTINGENCY PLAN FOR MOON PIRATES. Unless they are stopped the entire solar system could destabilize, and all life would die. H. Clifford McBride: Sometimes, the human will must overcome the impossible. I don’t know what we’re doing. SHIT! AD ASTRA is an airplane novel premise stretched to the vacuous ends of the galaxy, expanded enough to watch every neuron fail to deliver a dopamine rush to Brad Pitt’s Roy McBride, a clinically depressed astronaut living life one turn of the screw at a time. I hope you receive this message. Helen Lantos: SpaceCom would never allow their image to be shattered, so they made him a hero to protect themselves. As in, why didn't you unhook yourself first, you asshole! H. Clifford McBride: I admire your courage for coming alone, Roy, traveling all this way, following me here. After launching, BRAD sneaks off and listens to the ultra top secret file. BRAD attempts to throw the IRONIC DETACHMENT SWITCH but it's TOO LATE! Yeah it's always been here, as part of our official mission to export precious resources, rare elements, and phat beats back to Earth. There is an ACTION PACKED CHASE during which the MOON PIRATES take out both ESCORT VEHICLES plus SEAN BLAKEMORE! H. Clifford McBride: We’re a dying breed, Roy. I’m trying to stop this goddamn surge. How do you feel? I’ve let so many people down. Helen Lantos: I believe your father is alive. He accused me of being a traitor. You have a direct connection with the subject. Roy McBride: Can I help you? I’ve been here quite a while alone. If my dad could see this now, he’d tear it all down. ANYHOO. And it worries me. I believe this is the quote from that scene, which has also been posted on above page: Please continue. He uncovers secrets which threatens the survival of our planet. They’ll take hostages, or go for our rovers. We’re here, and then we’re gone. He promised me that one day I could join him in his pursuits, that he’d come back for me. BRAD and DONALD arrive at the MOON AIRPORT, which looks pretty much exactly like an EARTH AIRPORT, complete with DHL COURIER, SUBWAY RESTAURANTS, and EARTH GRAVITY. And I believed him. This is a one-way voyage, my son. Gen. Stroud: Fair enough. And I probably shouldn't have gotten all those other people killed just so I could find you myself. I boarded the Cepheus against mission directives. Hello audience. SpaceCom has determined that I am unfit to carry on. I will love those closest to me and help them carry their burdens, as they will help me carry mine. BRAD is taken to a PROFESSIONAL-GRADE FULLY EQUIPPED RECORDING BOOTH because no way is TOMMY LEE JONES gonna respond to some random crappy-ass bootleg shit. As above: Everything fucking sucks. You gotta let me go, son. BLACK. Helen Lantos: The craft you came in, the Cepheus, they want me to requisition it for deep space with nuclear munitions onboard. I will not rely on anyone or anything. I know you have seen that we have excited real and enormous interest around the world, and we are grateful for it. May I have a blanket and pillow pack please? I’m aware of my surroundings and those in my immediate sphere. I disabled one section of our station’s life support system, and without doubt, I did punish the innocent along with the guilty. Arghh, why Dad!! Please stay within the restricted, safe area. [Pruitt groans in pain] Now, we’re talking about a potentially unstoppable chain reaction here. 1. the Moon base commander (?) [after Roy is taken off the mission] Roy McBride: It’s time to go. If my dad could see this now, he’d tear it all down. Roy McBride: Resting BPM is fifty-six. BRAD floats his way through the CORPSES OF TOMMY LEE'S CREW and sets up the NUCLEAR DEVICE right smack next to the EXTREMELY DANGEROUS FAILING ANTI-MATTER CONTAINMENT UNIT, because not like a NUCLEAR EXPLOSION has any kind of RANGE, gotta get RIGHT UP CLOSE. And they started all this. I didn’t sleep much last night. And also good that the close-quarters knife fight didn't create even a single hole in my suit or I'd be dead too. Roy McBride: I will deal with him. No, I was gonna help you escape so YOU could stow away, after all this is your movie. I'm as surprised as you. Automated Voice: Your answer is being processed. Roy McBride: Excuse me? I’m focused on the essentials, to the exclusion of all else. I was forced to react with equal severity. You’re alive. The Editing Room has been around since 1998 and features over 1,000 Abridged Scripts for movies. We answered a mayday call, and ended in tragedy. I'm my own person with my own life, zero of which is shown in this film so I just realized, I can have any job I want! Moon pirates, dude. Roy McBride: I’m steady, calm. Roy McBride: I am looking forward to the day my solitude ends, and I’m home. Because I got everyone else fucking killed. Deep space missions were halted after that. We were close, he and I. BRAD PITT (into microphone) ... Because I got everyone else fucking killed. They would also like to tell you, they’re willing to help and provide for a rescue mission, Will the success of his mission outweigh the other consequences of his reckless actions? Gen. Stroud: That’s very impressive. Sure glad I fucking dropped everything to come do this. Here, on the edge of our solar system, some of our people have been unable to handle the psychological distress of being so far away from home. Because I’m angry that he took off. I should feel something. But, yes. There was never anything for me there. Roy McBride: You were right. If this is the case, and communication cannot be made through his son on Mars, then all other efforts must be undertaken to destroy the Commander and halt the surges. I’ve seen that rage in my father, and I’ve seen that rage in me. RT FEATURES 8/11/16. I’m disclosing a tragedy. Roy McBride: Mars, sir? US Air Force Academy, his doctorate at MIT. Or have you always had a recording studio in this remote scientific outpost? [last lines; Roy is doing his psyche evaluation after his return to Earth], Need more Roy McBride monologue quotes. You’re Clifford McBride’s son. Even though you'd lose your career over it? I see pain. The thing is, you missed what was RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU. No light or dark. Roy McBride: Listen, I wanted to say, I didn’t want you to go. Display Message: Earth’s Moon: When the world comes together. Does someone remember the quote? I don’t know if I hope to find him, or finally be free of him. Roy McBride: He was my father, sir. Offspring unit ends transmission. Director James Gray also shares how the movie tackled moon myths and Trump's Space Command. We must stay on course, and besides, following that signal could lead to a whole protomolecule-laced faux-Martian ambush and we can't risk that. And I will have a grande pumpkin spice latte, light foam, light whip, thanks. [after Ray survives from an incident caused by a power surge] Don’t mind the killer pirates. And how are commercial spaceflight companies operating without any working transmitters, exactly? And I remember going to the house and seeing you. I am fully grounded and present unlike oh let's say MY DAD. Oh come on, we already did "Surge hits just before landing"! Roy McBride: I’m calm, steady. I will attempt to return using the explosion as my primary propellant. No, my dad’s a hero. History will have to decide. Complemented by some stunning cinematography and recreations of space, the opening frames as Roy plummets down the largest earth-bound building we’ve ever seen is spectacular to …

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